Art doesn't need to be expensive


b. 1986, HK.


The Broke Collector is a side project from me, Alex Naghavi.

I've always had an unbiased love for art and design, and a penchant for finding a good bargain, so whilst I was inspired when I read A Poor Collector's Guide to Buying Great Art by Erling Kagge, I was also bummed to find out that $5,000 won’t get you much in the art world.

My mission through The Broke Collector is to showcase great new talent and beautiful pieces to add to your home or gift to loved ones, but most importantly, to communicate that art doesn't need to be expensive to be considered art. Each week, I handpick the best pieces of art I find online for under $400.

If you'd like to collaborate, get in touch or even suggest a piece of art to be featured, feel free to email or hit me up at @thebrokecollector_ or @alexnaghavi.